PET: sustainable material

PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is a thermoplastic resin used mainly for the production of beverage and food packaging. Thanks to recent research developments, which has refined both production and recycling techniques, PET is one of the most innovative and environmentally-oriented packaging materials.

The PET packaging also has a high degree of recyclability: with recycled PET containers, in addition to producing new containers, fibers for upholstery, sweaters, fleece, carpets, car interiors, slabs for various packaging can be obtained.

Moreover, thanks to its crystalline transparency, its lightness and its long-lasting characteristic, PET is also having great success in the cosmetic field.

WIND: Vetronaviglio new PET bottle

Vetronaviglio, always attentive to the needs of the cosmetic market, launches a new line of PET bottles: WIND, in order to respond to the demand of sustainable and recycling containers.

Wind bottle, thanks to its universal and neutral desing, is suitable for a wide range of skincare, personal care porducts such as shampoo, bath shower, gel, liquid soap, body water, sun care, after sun lotions, home fragrances products, etc.

Neck size:

GCMI 24/410


  • 200 ml
  • 300 ml
  • 500 ml

Available accessories:

  • dispenser
  • spray
  • disc top
  • caps
  • cover
  • mini trigger
  • trigger

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