Vetronaviglio, within its range of plastic bottles, offers two foamer bottles that can be combined with foamer dispensers for mousse formulations:

GIADA 200 ml, special neck, combinable with:

  • self-locking dispenser
  • dispenser + transparent overcap

KAPPA 150 ml, special mouth, combinable with:

  • dispenser + transparent overcap

Both foamer bottles GIADA 200 ml and KAPPA 150 ml can be produced in the following plastic materials:

  • PP
  • PP soft touch
  • PE
  • PE soft touch

The foam formulations are preferred for delicate products with specific uses in skincare, personal care, haircare, cleansing, man’s grooming and medical devices.

Some examples are:

  • Intimate delicate detergent foam
  • Cleansing foam for children
  • Acne-prone skin foam
  • Cleansing mousse
  • Make-up removal mousse
  • Anti-lice hair foam for children
  • Dye foam for hair
  • Shaving foam

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